There are many great braid styles you can rock, but we dare you to try this look!
Let’s take a moment to appreciate the bob! You can’t go wrong with braids, so what if you can have both in a look? This short, chic style is perfect for when you want low maintenance, structured braids. You know what we like the most about them – enhance your features, making those gorgeous cheekbones pop and eyes shine. If this sounds like your thing, go ahead and check out these bob-tastic ideas!


blunt bob hairstyle

Box Braid Vibes

Kinky’s Bulk and Yaki braids mean you can rock this look like you should!
If you’re into braids with a little glam, then this one’s for you. Box braids are bold and classy. The beauty of this look is that you can go for a blunt bob, a layered bob or even add some hair bling to your style – whichever works for you! Need some inspiration? Feast your eyes on these pics.
The blunt bob looks amazing for a chic and professional look. Switch it up with a bit of a darker colour, and you’re ready to go!

accessorised bob

The accessorised bob

Hair accessories with a fun layered box braided bob gives this look life – plus they add dimension to your hair.

twisted braids bob

Twisted Braided Bob – Bob with a twist

So what if you like a little twist in your braid? This look is most def for you! You can rock it with Kinky’s Marley braids. This gorgeous style can vary from thick to thin twists while looking beautiful. You can bun it up for a cute look during the day or let it hang loose for a night out on the town – your choice!
Mimic this style with a natural black colour and subtle hair accessories for a finishing tou

curly afro bob hairstyle

Bob with twist and volume

How about fluffing it out for a little curly afro look?

curly afro bob hairstyle

Bob with a pop of colour

If you’re feeling a bit daring, try including a vibrant colour.

Side note – Kinky has a range of braids in adventurous colours like olive green, pink, blue-black and purple, so get your fav hair piece in-store, now girl!

braided bob hairstyle

Faux locs bob – Straight Faux loc bob

Rocking your faux locs has never felt this good! It’s all about that natural look without the commitment, maintenance and fuss. This hair piece takes your bob to the next level! It’s a visibly different texture from the braids, but still so sexy.
How cute is this look? You can get it with our R-dread hair piece.

straight faux loc bob

Curly Faux loc bob

Maybe you’re looking for a curlier look – say hello to the S-dread in all its glory. 🙂

“I am not my hair

I am not this skin
I am a soul that lives within”
-India.ArieWith the vast selection of style inspirations in our magazines and online, your dream look can be a reality – with the right hairstylist.From the different ways you can braid it, twist it or loc it, you’re sure to find a style that not only suits you, but suits your budget! Let’s not forget what an awesome protective style this look can be, which is a huge plus.

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