Spring has got us feeling all kinds of fresh! This means a bunch of new looks that help us look and feel fierce. Right now we’re loving hairstyles with braid extensions. They’re fun, feminine and when done right, can make you absolute hair goals.

Think it’s time to level up? Here are the hairstyles with braid extensions that you must definitely try.

Beaded beauty

person looking at there beaded braid extensionsWe’ll never get over the combo of beads and braids. It takes us back to when Alicia Keys first burst onto the music scene. This style isn’t just reserved for music’s finest. You can make this look famous in your own way by choosing your favourite colour beads to pair with your braids. It’s also fun to accessorise with things that bring out the shades you’ve chosen.




Image source: Instagram

Go shorty!

A close up of a person woza braidWhat could be more fun than a braided bob? This look gives us all the feels with its chunky braids. It’s also easy to maintain if you know how to keep your braids in check. A short braided bob is perfect for everyday wear but don’t let its simplicity fool you. It can also make a serious impact when it’s dressed up. We have a feeling this one is about to heat up Mzansi this spring.




Image source: Instagram

Long and lovely

A person talking on a cell phone with long budget braidWhen it comes to hairstyles, the classics are classics for a reason. It’s why this look will never go out of style. Waist-length braids are always fierce, no matter the season you wear them. We love how this effortless style looks classy but fun. Tie half of your braids up to keep things fresh. You can also plait them or rock a full ponytail. The options are endless and the choice is yours. If you want to play it safe but still slay, this is the style for you.





Image source: Instagram

Big on buns

A young person taking a selfie in Budget BraidOnce you’ve added some new braids to your look you don’t have to let them be. Turn up the style with a bun. In this look, Nikki Fagbemi has also added a few gold beads to accentuate her hairdo. She’s also left two braids out to add a little more fun. We love how the beads pop next to her highlighter, making her a golden goddess.





Image source: Instagram

Feelin’ blue

A person wearing a purple Carnival BraidsWhat better time to try out colour in your braids than spring? Mariana Santos blew up Instagram with this style and we can see why. With ombré blue braids, her look is fresh and fabulous. If you’re bold enough to pull it off, this look is LEVELS. Add some blue lips and you’ll be the one to beat. We’re feeling more inspired already.





Image source: Instagram

Get that grey

A person in a yellow top with grey carnival braidDon’t have it in you to pull off the blue braids above? Then why not go for a frosty grey? We’ve always been fans of box braids but the addition of grey ombré is next level beautiful. It’s a more subtle and classic way to do a contrast braid but it’s just as fire! This look makes more of a statement on longer braids, where you’ve got added length to get the full effect.




Image source: Instagram

Change it up

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