The ultimate way to level up your hair extensions.

Accessorising your hair extensions is the best way to make sure that you slay your style. If you’ve got box braid hair extensions or any braided hairstyle for that matter, we’ve got a few ways to make them pop. From beads and thread to cuffs and shells, we’ll help you achieve your ultimate hair goals with a few eye-catching accessories.

Add a royal touch

Add a royal touchIf you want to add a royal touch to your look, then you’ve got to go for silver or gold cuffs. They’re so easy to add to your existing style.

You can use them to frame your face. You can scatter them all over to add a little sparkle. You can even create an eye-catching pattern. Whatever you decide, these accessories will take your look from drab to fab and you’ll be shining.

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Beaded and beautiful

Beaded and beautifulWhen it comes to beads, any colour will do. So don’t just go for black. Get your hands on some brown and clear beads like Ayanda Thabethe did.

Paired with her extra long brown braids, they’ve got us shook. Are you bold enough to try this gorgeous do? Tag us in your selfies and we could feature you on our socials.

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Beaded bangs for the win

Beaded bangs for the winBeads and braids go together like Beyonce and Jay-Z. They’re perfectly matched and there are so many ways to wear them. Just look at this stunning style.

By beading your bangs, you can bring all the attention to your hair. They also frame her face, which we’re just loving.

This is a bold look that will have heads spinning. Got what it takes to pull them off? Show us. Image source:

Add beads of colour

Add beads of colourBraids don’t ever have to be boring. Just look at this beaded beauty. Not only has she done her braids in the opposite direction to what they’re usually done, but she’s added these colourful beaded cuffs.

This stand out style will help you celebrate your roots. We’re all for it.

Are you?

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Say it with seashells

Say it with sea shellsShells are a beautiful and natural way of embellishing your braids. Style your hair is this awe-inspiring updo and add a few shells to it. It’s a showstopper for sure.

So if you’re confident enough to handle all the attention you’ll get with this style, go for it girl!

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The perfect mix and match

Hair ExtensionsThis look has got us shook and we’re living for the combination of gold thread, cuffs and beads. By adding a few embellishments here and there, you can really create a unique and bold look.

This cornrowed ponytail is levelled. Her choice of accessories catch your eye and we’re definitely pleased with what we see.

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The perfect mix and match.2If you want to be part of the #braidsgang but you don’t want to do your whole head, then this is a great style to copy. This is a look that’s different and bold, yet soft and feminine at the same time.

The mixture of wooden beads and curls frame her face so beautifully. She’s even added some cuffs at the top and they’re poppin.

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Get the style you want and make it your own

There really is no limit to what you can do with braid accessories. Try one or try them all. Either way, you’ll slay that style. If you’re getting a new look, Kinky World of Hair is there for you.

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