Weaves are the perfect way to add thickness and length to your hair. They also give you the flexibility and freedom to try new looks whenever you choose. Whether it’s straight, curly, long or short, there are so many things you can do with a weave.

At Kinky, we love inspiring our fans with fresh ideas that they can make their own. Here are a few looks with weaves that’ll step up your hair game in no time at all.

Make those waves
Pearl Loose

We’ll never get tired of those effortless beach waves that make any outfit shine. They’re soft, flowing and frame any face shape. They’re also spotted on celebrities like Bonang and Beyoncé. It’s super easy to accessorise them with a bold printed headscarf or a felt winter hat.

Get this look with our Pearl Loose. It’s a stunning piece that is a great addition to any collection. It’s got a gorgeous loose body pattern with a super smooth texture. With just the right amount of volume, you’ll be turning heads every day!


Image source: pinterest.com


Give them the shoulder

Brazilian bundle

Shoulder length styles are also big when it comes to using a weave. These are perfect for ladies who want the feminine touch of longer hair without too much length. We love the way Gabrielle Union wears hers.

You can get this look by getting your stylist to trim our Brazilian Bundle weave to a shorter length just like this one.



Image source: hairstylo.com



Smooth and sleek

side swept fringe

Short, sassy and straight, this style is one that brings serious class to any look. It’s also easy wearing and great to bring out your facial features. A side swept fringe helps to conceal a larger forehead and draw attention to your eyes.

Just ask our girl Brandy, she’s a fan of this look and she definitely pulls it off, don’t you think?




Image source: hairstylo.com



Parting ways

Rain Wet WeftA middle parting is a really simple yet effective way to style your hair. Celebs like Riri and Kelly Rowland all know the beauty of this one and are always game to rock it on the red carpet. We just love how the added volume makes a bold statement!

You can achieve this look with the help of our Rain Wet Weft. It’s sexy, sophisticated and makes an impact everywhere you go.



Image source: pinterest.com


Don’t be afraid to try new things

The beauty of using a weave to style your hair is that there really are so many options for you to choose from. This keeps your look fun, exciting and most of all beautiful. It also means that if you feel like a certain style doesn’t work for you, you can always move on to the next one. There’s no shame in changing up your hair game. In fact, we think a new hairstyle can make the world of difference. Especially when it comes to how we feel about ourselves. So why not give your confidence a boost?

Reach out, we can help

Whether it’s a total change or a slight difference, our styles can help keep you unique. From weave and weft options, to braids, extensions and wigs, we’ve got it all. Whatever the TLC you need for your hair, we’ve got a range that offers it all. Why not let us help with your next hair makeover? We know you won’t be disappointed. Seen any styles in this article that you might like to try out? Let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to follow our social pages for the latest in trends and tips.

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