Letoya with Kinky Hair
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Looking for a cute and sexy new style? Curls work on braids, weaves and dreads, and can be dressed up or down. Whatever your vibe, curls are sure to work for you!
Happy Claire Mawisa with Kinky Hair
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Curly dreads, braids and weaves are the celebrity style sweeping the globe, and taking centre stage in South Africa. Stars like Claire Mawisa, Boity Thulo and Letoya Mangezi are just a few of South Africa’s most famous gracing the red carpet with trendy twists!
Look amazing ont he catwalk with Kinky Faux locs
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Getting perfect curls, and that glamorous celebrity vibe, doesn’t have to be a chore. You can get the ringleted look without hours of work and expensive tools. Find out how, and your new style inspiration below, and you’ll soon be flaunting your gorgeous new hair:Letoya Mangezi, Claire Mawisa and Gerry Elsdon show off their amazing natural locs.
Tyra banks rocking Faux locs with Kinky hairCurled natural dreadlocks are perfect for chilled-out styles. Effortless and gorgeous, dreadlocks are easy to curl at home. There’s lots of easy ways to get curled locs.
Try it at home: fill a spray bottle with warm water and Kinky Braid Spray and spritz your dreadlocks until damp, before twisting them around a rod, or sponge rollers. Wait until your hair is completely dry – remember that because your hair is coiled, the centre will take much longer to dry. You can use a hooded dryer to speed up the process, but if you’re letting it dry naturally, it’s best to leave it at least overnight.
Meagan Good rocking Kinky Hair faux locs
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If you’ve got shorter dreadlocks, you can get two styles in one by using bantu knots. Section your dreads, use a setting lotion, then wrap into even knots and fix into place. Leave in place for about a week, or as long as you’re loving the knotted look, then take them out to reveal a beautiful curl. Bantu knots not only look great and create curls, but also lock in moisture and help to protect your hair.
Faux locs look amazing on the catwalk!
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To get curls like Jerry, try a low maintenance plaiting technique. The easiest way to achieve waves and curls is to braid your hair. Start with small braids and then combine into one large plait to create a lovely neat look: after removing the braids you’ll have lush curls too!
Don’t take your dreadlocks down too early, as the weight of them will pull the curls straight out! Patience is key.Faux locs look amazing on the catwalk!
Look lovely with curled braids.
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If you’re not already rocking dreadlocks, you can get the look with Kinky R-Dred and S-Dred – that way you get all the style with none of the hassle! Tyra Banks and Meagan Good show how amazing faux locs can look.It’s very easy to curl faux locs – start by installing them, as normal, then braid three to four dreads very tightly, using a rubber band to bind the ends of the braid together. As you plait, boil the water, and once your whole head is done, start dipping the dreads! You need to make sure the water stays boiling hot, and also be very careful not to burn yourself.
After you’ve wetted each braid, blot it dry with a towel, and wait for at least five hours. The longer you wait, the more wavy it will be. Once you’ve left it for your ideal time, take the plaits out to reveal beautiful hair! You can even uncurl the ends of the dreadlocks to create ringlets.If you’re keen on the thinner, more delicate dreadlocks, take a look at Kinky’s R-Dred Style. If you like a bit of volume, Kinky S-Dred is the product for you! Don’t forget you can choose multiple shades for a truly flashy look.Look lovely with curled braids. (Pout not necessary!)
Khanya mkangisa glows in gold with two-toned curls
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Curled braids give you the best of both worlds! An up and coming trend, this style is sure to become a celebrity staple.The Kinky Hot Water braids are perfect for creating a DIY curl, so you can get your ideal style, or try the long-lasting and versatile Woza braids! To create the twist, tightly wrap the hair around a thread, and then tie to create the corkscrew. Dip each corkscrew into hot water for ten seconds, being careful not to burn yourself, and then untie. Alternatively, use a rod by placing it mid-length, and coiling and securing before dipping.If you want looser curls, use a handful of small twists to make one plait, then dip the braid into hot water to the depth you want the curls to be. You can also get curled braids installed, getting you the look in a fraction of the time – take a look at the Kinky Switch or Roller Curl style.Before you start styling, always use Kinky Braid Spray to make sure your hair is in tip-top condition.Khanya Mkangisa glows in gold with two-toned curls!

Loose curls are flirty, pretty, and just so perfect for the summer months. Khanya shows how long looping hair looks amazing dressed up, but believe us, this look is just as pretty if you’re hanging at home in sweats.

Make sure to use a high heat weave such as Kinky H/H Yaki blend or a human hair weave such as kinky Mint Curl. Use curling tongs or hair straighteners to get your ideal style, then fix the curls in using a setting spray like Kinky Weave Spray. That’s it, you’re ready to show off your new look!

If you’re committed to curls, you could buy a weave like Pearl Loose for sexy barrel waves, or the Rain Wet Weft for super subtle curls.

You can also get the curly haired look in many different wig styles, meaning you can chop and change your do as often as you want! From the Oprah to the Goldie, there’s all levels of spiral and loads of gorgeous colours too!

So, are you ready to be a curly locked beauty? Choose your celebrity-style, and get twisting!