Jessica Nkosi, South African TV presenter and star actress of Mzansi Magic’s Isibaya, shows us all how to stay winning in the hair game. From her short striking bob to her long blonde waves, Jessica always keeps it on trend and fashion forward.



Jessica Nkosi short Bob with Kinky Hair

Image Source: Pinterest
Let’s take a moment to appreciate how stunning this short bob looks. Cute, sassy, fun and outgoing. The short bob look is definitely a go-to hairstyle for a girl on the go



Jessica Nkosi beautiful curly hair with Kinky Hair

Image Source: Pinterest
Feel the power in you with sexy, big curls that Jessica rocks so effortlessly. They’re striking, confident and definitely red-carpet ready. These curls are bound to give you the drive you need to make an impact.



Jessica Nkosi Ombre hair with Kinky Hair

Image Source: Pinterest
Jessica’s beautiful ombre hair trend is a beautiful mixture of brown and black. It is a gorgeous and glamorous hairstyle, which is suitable for every season of the year. If you’re looking for something fun, and a little out of your comfort zone, give this look a try.



Jessica Nkosi straight black hair with Kinky Hair

Image Source: Pinterest
Simplicity is essential and there’s no simpler look than ravishing, bold, black hair. Here, Jessica shows off her sleek and striking hairstyle. This is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an everyday easy-going hairstyle. It’s also an absolute stunner for those nights out on the town. Tie it up for a sophisticated look or let it hang loose when you’re going for something more relaxed.



Jessica Nkosi Attention Grabbing Curls with Kinky Hair

Image Source: Pinterest
Turn heads like Jessica does with these fantastic tight and long afro curls. With this stunning and on-trend look, you just can’t go wrong. Let the world get to know just how bubbly you are with these easy-to-manage curls.



Jessica Nkosi Blonde like Beyonce with Kinky Hair

Image Source: Instagram
Get ‘in formation’ and slay with a Beyoncé inspired hairstyle. This long, blonde and wavy hairstyle is perfect for those summer days. Easy to maintain and elegantly messy, this beautiful blonde is the perfect hairdo.



Jessica Nkosi Natural Hair with Kinky Hair

Image Source: Pinterest
There’s nothing more stunning than a woman rocking her natural hair with pride. And Jessica knows that. When in doubt, natural hair is always the ideal choice between hairstyles. If you’re a natural girl then this hairstyle is your calling. Beautiful and sophisticated, Jessica makes her au naturale hair look glamorous.



Jessaica Nkosi bold black hair with Kinky Hair

Image Source: Twitter
Braided hair is always the ideal hairstyle for many South African women. Just look at Jessica. It’s lightweight, manageable, simple and above all, fabulous.

These 8 stunning hairstyles, inspired by Jessica Nkosi, are the best starting point for you if you’re looking try out a new hairstyle for spring and the upcoming summer season.
Which one’s your favourite? Comment below and don’t forget to share your Jessica Nkosi inspired hairstyles with us on one of our social pages.