If you haven’t gotten a good hair moisturizer for aftercare, now might be the time. Yes, those weaves, wigs and braids help you level up your hair game but sometimes they can leave your scalp dry and itchy.

The right products can keep your scalp nourished and protected. This will make your chosen styles last even longer. With the right aftercare routine, your weave will stay comfortable for longer and your scalp will be healthier too.

It’s no secret that dry scalp can be an annoying and uncomfortable problem. Not to mention that it can become a long-term issue for you and your hair. If your head is dry and itching, it means you’re probably going to be scratching.

This will cause the release of small flakes of skin. It’ll ruin your scalp, your look and your weave. Let’s be real, nobody wants that. From a nourishing hair moisturizer to how to correctly shampoo and treat your scalp, we’ve got you! Here’s how you can keep your scalp itch-free.

Treat Yo’self

Proper cleansing will make your scalp less itchy but you’ll need a bit more than that. Using a treatment like Kinky Hairfood, you can keep hair nourished and your scalp soothed.

When it comes to natural hair care products, look for ones with nourishing oils. With the goodness of coconut oil, our Hairfood feeds the scalp and hair, whilst keeping it hydrated too.

Don’t forget what’s under your styles

“Out of sight, out of mind” can be the truth for those rocking a weave. The truth is, your natural hair needs care too. You can still get moisture and nutrients to your hair even if you’ve got a style installed. Make time to nourish your scalp and it will love you for it.

Care from the roots


A person posing for a picture with hair moisturizer shampoo

Cleanse on the regular

Even though you have a weave installed, that doesn’t mean you should skip cleansing and conditioning. You should plan to shampoo and condition your scalp and weave every seven days. Exposure to water will help keep your natural hair properly moisturised. What you need to focus on when doing this is being gentle with your weave and scalp. Don’t forget to condition too for maximum moisture and rinse all product off properly. You should also make sure that you let your head dry completely as well.

Keep it clean

A person posing for a picture with hair moisturizer shampoo
A person brushing her hair after applying hair moisturizer

Say no to the heat

As much as we love a style that brings the heat, we know the damage that styling tools can cause. If you must use a hairdryer to dry your scalp or your weave, be careful and use a low setting. A high heat can cause scalp burns, dry hair and breakage.

Chill out

A person brushing her hair after applying hair moisturizer

Do The Spritz

You might want to add a spray into your hair care routine for added moisture. Your weave itself won’t need it but your scalp definitely will. This will also help to fight the dryness that causes itching and flaking. Be careful not to use too much or do this too often.

If your natural hair and scalp are always damp under your weave, you will have other problems to deal with. These include mould, mildew, bad smells and even weak natural hair. If your base is weak, your weave just won’t last. To avoid overdoing it, a light spray once a day will work wonders.

Let It Breathe

We know it can be so tempting to get a new weave as soon as your old one gets taken out but it’s a good idea to give your scalp a chance to breathe. By giving your head a break, you can bet your next style will look even fresher.

Need A Little TLC?

Our focus is not just on the hottest styles, it’s also on keeping you looking and feeling great. Our aftercare range is designed to keep your scalp nourished and free from itching. For more on these products and what they can do for you, visit our website or our Social Media pages: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter today.