Colour it up

It’s the season of trendy colours that turn heads! Grey braids, purple ombré, and blue hues are all doing the rounds amongst fashionistas. Colour those braids and strut your stuff with confidence.


The braided knot

Keep those braids out your face by pinning half of them up into a chic, high fashion bun.


Big braids and high ponytails

Nothing says ‘catwalk’ like big box braids and a high ponytail. Not only is this the stuff of models and celebs, but it’s also super-easy to do at home. Swing your ponytail and walk down the street feeling like a million bucks.


The box braid mohawk

Rock this at your next party or brunch with the girls. This classy hairdo is  made up of a front-braided bun and two low-braided ponytails down the sides. This will definitely add the ‘wow’ factor you’ve been looking for!


The braided bob

If you’re not into long, heavy braids, but still want that trendy look, try the braided bob. It’s short, chic and will show off your best features. For a little extra glam, pop the front half into bun and you’re good to go!


Knots knots knots

Bantu knots are fresh, edgy and all the rage! So why not take a walk on the wild side and embrace a style that says “high fashion.” With celebs like Rihanna rocking these knots, you know you can’t go wrong!

twisted braid

The twisted braid

Twisted braids give you a hairstyle with options, something every girl needs in her life. From chunky twists that hang loose, to small ones you can sweep up into a neat up-do, you’ll never have to worry about a bad hair day again. An added bonus: they give your hair a voluminous look that adds to the glam!


The short hair braided up-do

There’s no need to rock a full set of long braids to get that trendy look, simply have your hair braided on the side. Leave the top loose and curly for a vibrant look that turns heads. The best part is you don’t need super long hair to do this!


The Marley twist

If you’re one of the lucky ones with long, thick hair, you can get this look by twisting two strands together. If you need a little help, simply get the Marley braid installed. The casual puffy look is perfect for those days you spend relaxing but still want to look fresh and trendy. You can even add a few accessories for a unique edge.

With the ever-changing fashion scene, it’s normal that hairdos are changing all the time too! The best thing about braids is that you can get these looks without a million trips to the salon. If you’re looking for a little more inspiration for your hair, take a look at the other articles on our website. You’re sure to find something that works for you.